Objectives …

To give a highly appreciated added value to a project by letting design of technical installations participate as from the first draft concept.  Added value through the knowledge of how to organise and to communicate within a project team.

Business Profile
2Consult bvba is owned by Geert Verhofstadt

I have a comprehensive experience on several domains.  Office buildings, cooling and HVAC installations in chemical industry and HVAC installations in pharmaceutical industry.

Responsible for the design, construction, start-up and qualification of several HVAC installations for biopharmaceutical plants. In the pharmaceutical area as a HVAC Engineer I’ve managed the design, construction, start-up and qualification of complete HVAC systems. 

Experience in conceptual design, basic design, tendering , detailed design , construction design, …. up to commissioning and validation.
Management from A to Z, from scratch to the final product. 

I have worked within engineering for small and large projects.

Design of refrigeration installations in chemical plants.
Design energy loops refrigeration and heating.
Energy consulting for industrial installations.
Energy consulting for office use and industrial buildings.
Design of HVAC installations for offices, industrial buildings.
Technical auditing for office buildings and industrial installations.

Project Management
Engineering Facilities, HVAC, utilities, LAF RABS
Design review
Auditing technical installations

I’ve got more than 20 years of experience as well in the technical field as in organising, coaching people, as in leading a project.


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